Friday Thoughts


  • Zoodles. I know they aren’t anything new or exciting, but why didn’t I jump on this trend earlier? They are so easy and so quick to whip up and unlike salads, I don’t feel like I’m forcing veggies down my throat for the sake of eating enough veggies. I have a wonderful spice blend from Penzy’s called “Sunny Paris” that I added when I was lightly sauteing them, and it was just enough for a flavor kick without overwhelming the freshness of the zucchini. It’s even more wonderful knowing how cheap zucchini is- if only I lived in the suburbs where people leave them on each other’s doorsteps to get rid of them.
  • Speaking of produce, I picked up the most beautiful berries, cherries, and peaches at Kroger yesterday. Part of me wants to make a cobbler, the other part thinks it would be a shame to cook them. Still deciding on that one, but I guess I could always go back.
  • Beachbody is killing me. But in a good way. I think it’s good to have a calendar with videos to do because it really does keep you accountable. The meal planning and portions are easy enough for me, but it’s the daily workout that still makes me want to cry a little bit in the morning. I’m wondering if that is going to change at all or if I will just learn to suck it up.
  • I’ve already been overwhelmed by Fall outfits, crafts, and recipes on Pinterest, and based on how excited I am already, I know this month is going to be crazy long. Someone just get me a pumpkin spice latte, please? It took everything I had not to stock up on autumn harvest and mulled apple candles yesterday.
  • The new roommate moved in yesterday, and I had to move all my storage out of the guest room closet. Wow, I have no clue how I have accumulated this much. I have nine bankers boxes full of craft supplies, fabric, etc. I truly am my mother’s daughter. The issue now is figuring out how to store it all in my room in an organized manner.
  • It’s already back to school season and I keep hearing about more and more kids starting class already. In Virginia, public schools start after Labor Day so that the kids can work at Kings Dominion through the busy season, but private schools are already starting. I can’t imagine going back to school this soon- there is still one month left of summer! The parents can’t be too upset though. Mom used to sing “It’s the most wonderful time of the year” practically floating through the aisles of Target as we got our supplies together for back to school.

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