There is nothing worse than resigning yourself to a sad salad (see above) when you are hungry but trying to eat better. Especially when you have just come back from vacation where you ate like both calories and money don’t exist.

When we were in Africa, we had course after course of salads, vegetable, curries, meats, desserts… and it was all delicious. I never realized just how much flavor my home cooking was missing until this trip.


Excuse the awful cell phone food pictures. I realize I really have to stop mocking the pictures of her dinner that Martha Stewart posts on twitter now…

But really, it was all amazing. I’m pretty open to trying different food, so it was really exciting to taste the spices from across the continent and try the game meat that we had seen out in the wilderness hours previously.

Some now applicable benefit though- I was inspired. I never knew plain white fish could be so flavorful, and am going to look up the recipes to try at home. The waitress also told Mom that the owner of the restaurant we went to in Cape Town may be interested in sharing his recipes with us if we shoot him an email, so that is on the to-do list.

One of my favorite meals the whole time was breakfast at the Table Bay Hotel. If I cut out the daily scone with clotted cream and lemon curd, the below breakfast could really be a normal breakfast treat stateside.


Well, with all those fun ideas in mind, I’m off to bake some chicken and cut up some fruit and hope for the best flavor and spice wise. Maybe next week will be a good time to try one of Nana’s recipes, but planning for that was not going to happen this week!

Any requests of what to cook first? Meat? Dessert? …Vegetables?


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