Positive Thinking

Real talk…

So often, people say that the hardest things are the most worth it. I kind of lived my life that way until I realized I would hype myself out of doing anything exciting because I stopped believing that it was truly worth it.

My biggest flaw is perhaps how I handle my anxiety. When I get overwhelmed or have too much on my plate, I start procrastinating and compartmentalize all that work so that I can forget about it. Nothing gets done, people get frustrated with me, and I really don’t ever relax enough for it to be worth it.

This isn’t  how I approach work for my job per se, but instead, everything that you are supposed to do to manage your life- budget, organize my closet, go to the doctors… you get the picture. Even the really small things: unloading the dishwasher, making my bed…

I decided I need to approach life in a different way if I want to maintain my motivation and happiness.

From now on, everything is easy, and I just have to get started.

I’m not sure how this is going to play out in the long run, or in different situations, but so far it has kept me focused on my meal planning and sticking to my workouts. If it’s so easy, why wouldn’t I wake up in time to get a video in? It’s just putting on my sneakers and switching on the TV, right? Only 40 minutes of working out? That’s how long I used to spend lounging around before I would dry my hair after a shower.

I shouldn’t set myself up to be miserable before I even start a task.

Easy peasy, lemon squeezy!



  1. Awesome post Ashley and I agree with your thoughts 100%. What you said is absolutely true and I just loved your post so much !! 😊


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