The Cradle of Humankind!

On our way to the Madikwe Game Reserve, we made a two night stop in Pretoria. We stayed at a beautiful Italianate castle- Castello di Monte, where an in house chef cooked for us each night. He -Chef Stephen- was wonderful and came out to talk to us as each course was described then presented. We had great food throughout the trip, but this really took the cake.

This was another point where Dad let us make the plans, and in this case, we didn’t do as well as before. We decided to check out the caves where they found human fossils such as Mrs. Ples and Little Foot. For me, it was something to check off my bucket list, and a chance to tackle a major fear: going down into a cave. As someone who gets somewhat claustrophobic in rooms without windows, being under that much rock and crawling through narrow openings wasn’t something I would normally do. However, once you are down there and standing on the edge of an underwater lake, you kind of forget where exactly you are. The others may not have been as excited about the day’s trip, but I thought it was incredibly cool.

Of course, we also had to make our regular trip to Starbucks to buy our mugs from the trip. Mom and Dad have the most impressive collection of location mugs, and Megan and I are working on our own too. For me, it is my favorite souvenir that I could bring back, considering I use them every day and get to remember where I have been and how wonderful the trips have been. They really make my boring Richmond tea time more exciting. img_5215


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